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Unity Ingot on Facebook, Twitter, #Slack, YouTube and Reddit

Unity Ingot Exposed decided to have a quick look (and that’s all it took, unfortunately) around the web at Unity Ingot’s listed social media profiles.  As we quickly discovered, and has been reported elsewhere, there has been basically no communication, social media or otherwise, coming from Unity Ingot since it ‘launched’ in May this year.  For a newly-launched cryptocurrency, hoping to gain traction, this is very rare!

Normally when a new cryptocurrency is launched, there’s weeks, if not months of build-up around the coin / token’s Initial Coin Offering, or ‘ICO’

Along with regular press releases, most Twitter, Facebook and #Slack communication channels are normally abuzz with excitement for the launch of a new token. Social media followings usually count in the many, many thousands of followers when a new token is gaining momentum prior to being launched.  For some reason, NONE of this appears to have happened with the [UNY] Unity Ingot Token launch, which seems quite surprising considering the claimed Internet Marketing skills and experience from most of the Unity Ingot Team.

Unity Ingot on Facebook

The Unity Ingot Facebook page is Unity Ingot’s largest social media presence, with a grand total of 92 likes at the time of writing. There are five (5) Facebook posts by Unity Ingot since the page was started in early May 2017, all of which are links to the token’s listings. There appears to be no interaction from the page to various questions being asked about the cryptocurrency.

Unity Ingot on Twitter

Oh dear.

Unity Ingot Twitter posts May - July 2017
Unity Ingot Twitter posts May – July 2017

Unity Ingot on #Slack

The Unity Ingot Slack channel is Invite Only, with no posting activity.  Definitely #slack

Unity Ingot on YouTube

The Unity Ingot YouTube channel has two (2) videos listed, and 59 subscribers. Both videos were added early May 2017, ‘The History of the Unity Ingot’ has received 366 views, and 906 views for ‘Introducing the Unity Ingot’. (at the time of writing)

Unity Ingot on Reddit

Although there’s a link to Reddit on the Unity Ingot website, the channel is empty, with no posts at all.  We have covered the only other mention of Unity Ingot on Reddit we could find here:  Reddit Reveiw of Unity Ingot.


As mentioned above, it is very unusual for a new cryptocurrency to be launched with so little information, and so little (non-existent?) promotion.


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