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Behind MLM says:  “Crypto tokens & pyramid recruitment” – You will see comments from Dan Schwartz, Unity Ingot’s president in the discussion thread.

Web Traffic Lounge (18 April, 2017) says the following;

A new investment opportunity can sound exciting for sure, but there’s a problem.  The Affluence Network doesn’t mention where these tokens are publicly accepted or traded, and from what I can gather, they’re nothing more than worthless points that affiliates gather up and then exchange for a set dollar amount that Troy R J Hogg likely has full control over.


5 May, 2017 Marketing Xtreme sums up:

The first things that seems off about this company is the cryptocurrency aspect… The company presents these earnings as an investment opportunity, but the affiliates have no control over when and how these “investments” take place…


Probably (sorry, couldn’t see date!) around May 2017, How to Stay Safe on the Internet published their overview:

This article provides a critical breakdown of the business, its founder, how it works and, if you should really put your money into it.


SEO Spark from the UK thinks:

Although The Affluence Network tries to market these tokens as some sort of investment opportunity where they increase in value as time goes on, this seems to be entirely fabricated.


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