Unity Ingot Website

Unity Ingot Website Details

The Unity Ingot website does not provide any address or contact details, (not even a ‘Contact Us’ form on the site), apart from links to inactive social media channels.

The website was privately registered on 22 January 2017, although the copyright notice is dated 2016.

There is no published Unity Ingot Whitepaper.

The ‘News’ section of the Unity Ingot website has only an email sign-up form for their newsletter, as no information has been published since the Unity Ingot Token (TAN Token) was launched in early May 2017.

For some strange reason, there is no mention whatsoever on the Unity Ingot website of the Unity Ingot Token’s connection and use in The Affluence Network. This seems very unusual, considering The Affluence Network does so much to promote its tokens as part of the MLM membership levels.

We will update this article if any news comes from Unity Ingot, or their website is updated.


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