Unity Ingot Whitepaper

Where is the Unity Ingot Whitepaper?

It is very unusual for a new token to launch without a white paper explaining the token.

Unfortunately even now, well over two and a half months since launching, NOTHING has been produced by Unity Ingot for their white paper, despite numerous requests on Bitcoin Talk, and their promise to do so.


“We will be posting our new whitepaper within a week to reflect our current status.”

That reply was posted on 9 May, 2017 by Bitcoin Talk user ‘Gembul’, who was the Opening Poster / announcer of the Unity Ingot thread on BitcoinTalk. (Bitcoin Talk thread started 8 May, 2017)

We are quickly approaching THREE MONTHS since the promise to provide the Unity Ingot white paper was made.  Unsurprisingly, no Unity Ingot white paper has been forthcoming since the ‘The Affluence Network Unity Ingot Token’ (TAN Token) was launched early May.

BitcoinTalk user Gembul refers to the “NEW” Unity Ingot Whitepaper being released. Is there actually an “old” Unity Ingot white paper in existence, as Gembul infers? Why can’t this be released in the interum, to at least prove they have worked on a whitepaper?

It should be noted that ‘Gembul’, who started the Unity Ingot BitcoinTalk announcement, has not even logged into the forum since 7 June, 2017 to respond to queries, or provide updates.

If Unity Ingot is unable to produce the most basic cornerstone of a new token launch, their Whitepaper, MONTHS after their poorly publicized launch, this MUST RING ALARM BELLS!

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