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Unity Ingot Reviewed on Reddit by Investor

Unity Ingot Exposed found a review of Unity Ingot by Reddit user:  woke_in_NZ

The Reddit Unity Ingot Review is as follows:

Posted 20 July, 2017:

Unity Ingot sounds like a great business plan, mine Altcoins, then convert them to gold and bitcoins, while implementing a buy back program over time.

Issue is, it’s likely bullshit, here’s my reasoning.

  1. Their page is filled with spelling and grammatical errors. Even if the devs aren’t English speakers, they could hire a freelance writer to go over their copy. Indicates they don’t give a shit and don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks for good English.
  2. The math seems a bit too good to be true, even the lower end of estimated returns is still quite high.
  3. There’s no verification system in place to show how much gold they have racked up, bitcoin balance, operating servers etc.
  4. Their social media and web presence appears to be dead, no new posts since late May/ early June.
  5. The day after releasing an email to Livecoin users, someone dumped 6,000,000 tokens on the exchange. To give you an idea of scale, yesterday before I dumped mine, the volume was around 6,000 tokens.
  6. Their slack channel seems to be invite only.
  7. They don’t appear to have a lot of dev experience on the team – this last point is from a Bitcointalk user who did research on their social profiles.

This is suspicious as shit, and despite all this I wanted to give them a benefit of a doubt because the idea is really cool.

I left myself with 200 tokens, as a reminder to be more careful in the future – so many red flags.

P.S. Shame on you Livecoin for not vetting your sponsored coins better – I get that you’re a business but you should have some duty of care towards your community. This is how you lose customers.


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