Reginia Carty and Unity Ingot

Reginia Carty Unity Ingot Project Manager

As the Unity Ingot Project Manager, Reginia Carty manages the day to day operations of the marketing department of the Unity Ingot Team.  According to the Unity Ingot website, Reginia Carty has spent the past 29 years in the transportation sector and more recently the past 8 years in the online marketing sector.

Around 3-4 years ago, the Internet Marketing paths of Regina Carty and Jeremy T Smith crossed, initially due to their mutual involvement with Troy James and various Joint Venture Partnerships offering software deals and profits. Their subsequent involvement and  promotion of  The Affluence Network ensued.

During 2015, Reginia Carty partnered with Jeremy T Smith, aka Jack Topper at the time and Troy James, aka Troy Hogg to offer several software products, ready and due for launch in December 2015 and January 2016.  To our knowledge and research so far, it seems that these products still have not been delivered or launched, despite being sold ready to do so in November 2015.

Reginia Carty Unity Ingot multiple undelivered software list 2015-2016
Reginia Carty Unity Ingot multiple undelivered software list 2015-2016

It may now appear that some of these unlaunched/untested software products form the software offered by The Affluence Network MLM scheme, which is where the Unity Ingot Token originates.

Unity Ingot Exposed looks forward to seeing the results Reginia Carty’s “8 years in a specialized field of internet marketing” bring, as the Unity Ingot internet marketing campaign continues.

Unity Ingot Exposed will also further investigate “The Affluence Network Connection” between other Unity Ingot Team Members

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