Robert Hathhorn and Unity Ingot

Robert Hathhorn Unity Ingot Marketing Director  #2

Robert Hathhorn is the second Marketing Director for Unity Ingot.

Unfortunately, the official Unity Ingot website doesn’t provide a great deal of background on Robert Hathhorn. Unity Ingot Exposed decided to do a little research, to find out more about Robert Hathhorn.

Robert Hathhorn has a Udemy channel, which is where we found most of the bio and other information we’ve provided. Robert Hathhorn has two courses on Udemy, one paid (EBay Power Selling – 2,428 students), and one free (Affiliate Marketing – 8,577 students), released / last updated early 2015.

Robert Hathhorn Unity Ingot Udemy profile
Robert Hathhorn Unity Ingot Marketing Director #2 – Udemy profile

From Robert Hathhorn’s Udemy Bio:

In 2007, I began marketing online. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I devoured all the training I could find and developed expertise in even more areas of marketing.

PPC Campaigns (pay per click)
Mastering PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising made it possible for me to reach a more massive, highly targeted audience.

Online Advertising:
I continued to expand my areas of online marketing, creating websites for local companies and various other clients, creating lead capture pages for them, and using social media to generate even more leads and more sales.

Online Marketing:
In 2011, I mastered Craigslist advertising, one of the best free online marketing mediums available. I was so successful that I was approached to set up a system where others could work with me. So I began running Craigslist ad co-ops for affiliates, managing over 350 accounts and generating 1500 leads per day for various offers.

CPA Affiliate Marketing:
I also branched into the field of CPA Affiliate Marketing is, which is simple for the person that truly wants to learn, especially with all of the advancements in today’s technology. The ability to able to run geo-targeted ad campaigns makes it easy to display an offer that is specifically buyers are looking for.

Ebay Power seller:

In 2011, I branched off into a unique Online Business known as Ebay. Taking motivation and drive to a whole new level with my marketing experience. This brought me to being a Top Rated Power Seller from 2012 thru 2013. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to write my own check in a short amount of time.

Robert Hathhorn on YouTube:

Although Robert Hathhorn’s personal YouTube channel currently has 24 subscribers, his Internet Marketing channel has a total of  seven (7) subscribers on YouTube, under the name of;  “Redneck Marketing Wiz”.  The 21 videos on Robert Hathorn’s Redneck Marketing Wiz YouTube channel are all solely for the purpose of promoting The Affluence Network.  The videos are roughly 4-6 months old, most with 20 or so views, with a few over 200 views per video.

Robert Hathhorn obviously has long-standing, close ties with  The Affluence Network and association with  Jeremy T Smith.  Robert Hathhorn even promotes the failed and undelivered Troy James10k in 30 Days” course among other The Affluence Network offerings on Redneck Marketing Wiz.

Robert Hathhorn Unity Ingot Redneck Marketing Wiz Youtube videos
Robert Hathhorn Unity Ingot Redneck Marketing Wiz Youtube videos

Unity Ingot Exposed hopes you have found this information on Robert Hathhorn useful as you further investigate Unity Ingot and The Affluence Network cryptocurrencies.

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