Robert Stone and Unity Ingot

Robert Stone Unity Ingot PR Advisor

As per the Unity Ingot website;  Robert Stone’s knowledge of journalism and his unique look on the presence of blockchain technology made Robert Stone a perfect match for the Unity team as one of our marketing advisors, specializing in our PR department.

We are certainly looking forward to the PR work from Robert Stone and the Unity Ingot Team appearing soon.

Unity Ingot Exposed has discovered that Robert Stone is also the current PR contact for The Affluence Network.


Robert Stone Unity Ingot also The Affluence Network Media Contact
Robert Stone Unity Ingot also The Affluence Network Media Contact


Since The Affluence Network (TAN) appeared again in 2016,  there has only been one press release issued, dated 10 March, 2017.  Part of that press release is quoted below;

The Affluence Network founder, Troy Hogg said in a statement that, “The world hasn’t recognized Bitcoin on a global scale yet but it’s coming.” Their vision is to operate a multi-tiered affiliate platform (MLM)  that teaches members about cryptocurrencies and even has their own Ethereum backed tokens for the venture**. Its launch is due any day now and is expected to have a heavy global impact.

** UNY – Unity Ingot is part of The Affluence Network Family of Tokens

You may also notice that The Affluence Network’s ‘Media Room’ URL contains the name of Unity Ingot CEO Jeremy T Smith‘s company, Jack Topper Ltd.

If you are aware of any press releases from Unity Ingot, please let us know in the comments below!


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